Thursday, 9 October 2014

"A Promise Kept"

"A promise kept" is a heart felt, inspiring story of Andriy Semotiuk and his mother Salomea Drozdowska's life. Andriy's first person perspective of his life with his mother is creative, well written and inspiring. I must admit when first reading the summary, and first few pages of the novel I summarized the book up quickly to be an uninviting, simplified version of a run of the mill mother's life events. Although I ignorantly and silently made a conclusion of this story, curiosity got the better of me. I am very glad it did. Mr. Semotiuk taught me the true meaning of 'never judging a book by it's cover'. The knowledge and admiration Andriy has for his family is not only conveyed through his skills in writing but with a talent many writer's lack. Putting life's trials and tribulations into words with a grace and a dignity that allows the story to relate to many other's, while remaining completely unique to mother and himself. This incredible story not only teaches us about a strong, beautiful, independent, but stubborn woman, Salomea Drozdowska. It teaches just exactly what a mother facing severe adversities and disabilities can overcome her son and herself. With in such lesson's we also gain a new and much needed perspective of life in other countries, surviving WWII and how Canada has grown, not only technologically but culturally. Salomea's life begins in an average family. With little reason's to for see the trials and tribulations, her family, child, and herself would be dealt. Through personal and political tragedies everywhere she turns, Salomea overcomes and conquers her own fate. From childhood illness, a war torn a plagued country, and physical abuse she never gives up her hope of a successful and safe life. With many loses and setbacks, she survives to see such success and beauty in life. Although life was never easy, she proves determination knows no bounds. The knowledge, the research Andriy put's into his work leaves you with a craving to learn more. To appreciate all we have and what those whom love us will endure for our well being. Salomea's life no longer faces the fear of fading away through passing year's as so many before us have. He keeps her spirit and strength alive through print, through his own personal success, but also through life lesson's he now passes on to his families new generations. We are lucky enough to have had him share such intimate events with us. Her legacy may now live on through us, his readers. Thank you Mr. Semotiuk for reminding us, life is not always black and white, life is, in any generation what we choose to make of it.

I recommend everyone reads this book, especially mothers!
To buy your own copy please visit the link below.
A Promise Kept, A Tribute to a Mother's Love

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